Our Platters
Cheese & Tomato, Chicken & Mayonnaise,
Pastrami & Mustard, Ham and Cucumber,
Bacon & Egg
Sandwich Platter R185
Serves 8 people
Chicken & Mayo, Bacon &Feta
Ham & Cheese, Bolognaise Mince,
Cape Fruit Chicken, Flame Grilled Steak
Tramazini Platter R230
Serves 8 people
Mini Beef Burgers, Curry Mince Vetkoek,
Crumbed Chicken Strips, Mini Sausage Rolls,
Homemade Frikkadels, Mini Pies, Cocktail Cheesegrillers
Snack Platter R290
Serves 8 people
Seasonal Vegetables served with a dip
Crudits Platter R240
Serves 8 people
Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Crumbed Mushrooms,
Spinach & Feta Quiches, Mushroom & Cheese Quiches,
Soya Samoosas, Caprese Skewers drizzled with basil pesto,
Deep Fried Mozzarella Sticks
Vegetarian Platter R240
Serves 8 people
Cocktail Samoosas, Mini Sausage Rolls,
Vegetarian Spring rolls, Crumbed Chicken Strips,
Cocktail Cheese Grillers, Cheezy Bites, served
with a thai chilli dip
Savoury Platter R290
Serves 8 people
BBQ Chicken Wings, Nuggets, Crumbed Chicken Strips,
Cape Fruit Chicken Sosatie, Hot & Spicey Pops,
Chicken Springrolls, Chicken Drummets
Chicken Platter R320
Serves 8 people
Homemade Frikkadels, Chicken Nuggets,
Cocktail Viennas, Crumbed Chicken Strips,
Mini Fillet Steak Skewers, Cocktail Cheese Grillers
served with a smokey spare-rib dip
Meaty Platter R365
Serves 8 people
Brownies, Eclairs, Custard slices, Lemmingtons
Sweet Platter R250
Serves 8 people
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